Retirement Now And Into the Future.

A century ago you would have possibly been faced with 5 years of retirement, whereas today it is more like 30 years and rising steadily. Life expectancy increases by 2 to 3 years every decade, so your grandchildren could look forward to living more than 10 years longer than you.

Is the thinking of enjoying a well-earned rest or vacation for those remaining years still valid? Maybe not! A 20 year vacation has the potential of becoming boring.

Retirement is a major disrupter which requires careful thought and planning, particularly of the non-financial elements. Money doesn’t determine who you are, but it can be used as an enabler to the other elements.

  • Your place of living, country, city or small town, house or complex, retirement village, can have a major bearing on how your future life pans out for you
  • What you want out of life, and what time and energy you need to invest to get there
  • How to best use the freedom which retired life presents, but which could carry the limitations of health and time left. Do you want to live an extraordinary life in this new phase or spend it quietly and restfully?
  • Family and friends. Loneliness is a greater danger to longevity that smoking, lack of exercise or obesity. Continue developing new friendships as you age, to replace those who are no longer appropriate to your current life or those who are no longer there. A recent Harvard study found that retirees don’t miss working, they miss the people and the social connections they had. You can read that article here:
  • Your mindset towards life and retirement matters. We are faced with a barrage of negative news which becomes more difficult to deal with as we age. Would being less informed perhaps allow room for more fun and laughter?

Those who invest time and energy in having fulfilling relationships, social connections, making a contribution, maintaining health, enjoying leisure activities and growing as a human being are more likely to enjoy a fun and rewarding retirement.

How do you feel about the subject? If you are approaching retirement, are you fearful of what the future holds? If you have been retired for some time, would you have done things differently? Please let us have your views and comments!