What is CFP® & FSA®?
The CFP® & FSA® designations are recognised as the benchmark for professional advice. Holders of these designations have met stringent qualification and competency requirements. They abide by high ethical standards. This means that not only will you have peace of mind regarding the technical accuracy of the advice but also the integrity that underpins it.
How do you keep my investing costs low?
When selecting investment and product providers, we are careful to evaluate the fees that they are charging you. We only deal with companies that have fair fee structures and offer value for money.
How does Apex Private Wealth charge clients?
Advisers charge fees based on the assets that you are investing. There may be an initial fee on the amount invested and an ongoing fee on the value of your portfolio. Your adviser will discuss the exact fees applicable to your investments with you. The initial fee covers the preliminary advice, strategy and implementation. The ongoing fee is for the continued management of your investments and to ensure that we are following the agreed strategy.
Why do I need a wealth manager?
A wealth manager will help you figure out where you are now, where you need to get to and formulate a strategy to get you there. They will also guide you over time to continue making the right decisions as the world continues to change.
Investing makes me nervous, how do I know what to do?
We do not try time markets, we also don’t believe anyone can accurately forecast the future. That's why we do not make investment decisions based on what we think will happen in the markets, but what we know is happening with your personal circumstances. From this we can decide what level of market involvement is appropriate.
What happens to my existing investments if I decide to work with Apex Private Wealth?
As we are independent, we can take over your existing investments. We will evaluate your existing investments and as part of your new strategy will incorporate them where possible or may suggest ways to improve them.
Who will I work with?
You will be dealing with a team of people at Apex Private Wealth made up of your adviser and a client support team. We want to make sure that you are always able to speak to someone who knows you.

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